Private Cloud

Private Cloud enables you to have a private datacenter in the cloud and digitalize your operation in a certified, secure and dedicated environment.

Let us assess the current situation of your company and we will tell you how to enhance it.

savings in energy costs
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings compared to keeping your IT operation on physical servers
of companies use cloud technologies

Private Cloud Solution

Octapus supports your company step by step in the migration to a scalable, dedicated, certified and secure cloud infrastructure adapted to your operation.
What are the benefits?
  • Bespoke design

    We help you design a bespoke cloud architecture exclusively dedicated to your company. We guide you through every step of your migration to the cloud with guaranteed 24/7 dedicated support.
  • Scalability

    When you decide to migrate your business to the cloud you can operate and develop it according to your business. Our Private Cloud solution allows you to grow in a scalable way under an on-demand scheme that optimizes your cloud resource according to the expansion of your operation.
  • Security

    Your data is stored on a dedicated, isolated and independent precision infrastructure with top quality and security certifications. The resources available are exclusively for your own operations, completely independent from other clients.
  • Accessibility

    Octapus Private Cloud is an affordable solution with no hidden costs, unlike hyperscalers' clouds that offer an unpredictable pricing structure. Octapus does not charge additional costs for data transfer. Furthermore, Octapus Private Cloud provides easy access to your data from any place and/or device

Add functionalities to your solution, such as:

Private Compliant Cloud

Precision infrastructure that complies with data governance and data sovereignty guidelines within a specific territory.

Private Compliant Cloud

Functionalities included in the solution

- National Tier 3 certified data center
- Data Compliance
- ISO/IEC 9001, 27001 certifications 20000-1, 22301, PCI-DSS (data center)
- Dedicated Links
- VMWare Cloud Verified

Managed Cloud

Customize different workloads through an on demand private cloud environment, with 24/7 support included.

Managed Cloud

Functionalities included in the solution

- Dedicated infrastructure multi-tenant with on-demand scalability
- Dedicated support 24/7
- Price Transparency with unlimited data transfer included
- Storage using solid state drives
- Fast-recovery

NOC as a Service (NOCaaS)

Our NOCaaS solution allows you to optimize the monitoring and management of your organization's critical IT infrastructure, and reduces the risk of downtime.

NOC as a Service (NOCaaS)

Functionalities included in the solution

- 24x7 infrastructure monitoring
- Error detection & correction
- Scalability levels
- Proactive and reactive customer service
- Technology-based specialists

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Certifications and Alliances

CSA Star Level 1
ISO 9001
Quality management
ISO/IEC 20000-1
Certification of IT services.
ISO 9001
Quality management in Octapus Servers and Fast Recovery services
ISO/IEC 27001
Certified in information security
Certification of IT management and support services in Octapus Servers and Fast Recovery.
Certification of IT management and support services in Octapus Servers and Fast Recovery.
Data center TIER III
Disaster data protection with 99.9% availability
Data center ISAE 3402 Y SSAE 16
Assurance over a service organization's controls
Data center ICREA STD 131
Best practices in the physical infrastructure of IT environments.

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Annual SLA

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The formula we use to calculate the SLA year is the sum of the time down (Downtime) for each year divided by the minutes that have passed in each year:
SLA=100-((100*(Sum(Downtime per year))/(minutes per year))

Monthly SLA

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How do we calculate our Monthly SLA?
We use the same formula as in the Annual SLA, we only group it by month:
SLA=100-((100*(Sum(Downtime per month))/(Minutes per month))
¹Data center compliant
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