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Auto-manage your cloud capacity and configure your infrastructure on-demand in a flexible, scalable way with transparent pay-per-use prices.

With Lorius, grow as far as you want!

of organizations give maintenance and support to physical infrastructure that is more than 3 years old and which is usually obsolete after 2 years.
dollars will be spent this year on public cloud, as it is the main digital environment that allows businesses to save operating costs and expand in a flexible and agile way.
millions USD
will be the public cloud market’s worth in Mexico by 2025.

Public Cloud Solution

Manage your cloud capacity through automated on-demand provisioning. Configure your infrastructure in a flexible and scalable way, with transparent pay-per-use prices.
What are the benefits?
  • Costs reduction

    Resources are scalable; this allows you to pay only for what you actually use.
  • Self-consumption

    We give you control over your expenses so you can visualize your consumption and the corresponding expenses to optimize your financial planning.
  • Self-provisioning

    You have the freedom to manage your consumption. We have automation tools which will allow you, through an API, to choose and implement the virtual machine you need.
  • Optimize resources and costs

    Other clouds limit you to certain tools or platforms, with us it is not like that, you can choose the one that best suits you.

Add functionalities to your solution, such as:

  • Self-service cloud:

    With this product you have control over your consumption and provisioning, through an intuitive console. It also allows you to visualize at a virtual level the costs through your built architecture.

    Self-service cloud:

    Functionalities included in the solution

    - Compatible with the most used browsers in their latest versions Compatibility with Android & iOS. 

    - Adaptable to any mobile device 

    - VNC panels (remote desktop by web browser) 

    - Reduced loading time (load less than 1 second)

    High availability infrastructure

    get dedicated databases servers and high capacity. In addition, you can also include networks for load distribution (load balancers) and high-speed internet links in your service.

    High availability infrastructure

    Functionalities included in the solution

    - Automate deployment with tools such as Jenkins, Terraform or Crossplane. 

    - Validate your High Availability architecture by connecting the most popular version control systems: Gitlab, GitHub or Bitbucket. 

    - Invest your development time in your client and not the infrastructure, we have ample resources: +50TB of storage and +600GB of RAM


    Get intelligent automation; define the growth direction of your service or application, supporting high flows of demand. Also use a dedicated tool for managing your cluster


    Functionalities included in the solution

    - Image repository container for faster deployment. 

    - Cloud Native, the architectures that are born in the cloud are more agile, secure and capable of tolerating high demands with containers. 

    - The performance of your systems is improved with the use of solid state drives (SSD).
  • S3 object storage

    Hire low-access information or data storage, ideal for backups of unstructured information, with the opportunity to share high volumes of data.

    S3 object storage

    Functionalities included in the solution

    - Links from 10Gbps internet providers

    - API access for desktop clients

    - Granular access control by user.

    Network resources

    Configure and manage your routing resources, virtual private networks (VPN) and share your resources to the Internet or to private networks.

    Network resources

    Functionalities included in the solution

    - IPv6 ready configuration 

    - Complete port control and routing rules 

    - High speed internal network up to 100 Gbs

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We are sure of the advantages and benefits that you can obtain with our Public Cloud solution,
that is why, unlike other providers, we offer you a solution on a pay as you use basis, with no strings attached. We offer transparent and competitive prices and we give you the power to manage what you really need, when you really need it.

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